Giving Back
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‘Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community’ – Anthony J D’Angelo

South Africa is a place of many contrasts and extreme diversity not only in nature but also amongst the people of the Rainbow Nation.  We have beautiful nature reserves and amazing wildlife in protected areas but the journey to the destination often passes a field of garbage or a beach covered in plastic.  We have upmarket neighborhoods next to informal settlements and a huge divide between the ones who have and the ones who don’t. We’ve come a long way since Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom and South Africa is healing but our nation bears the scars of our ancestors with many people still living in substandard informal settlements and often have limited or no access to a quality education or opportunities for social and economic upliftment.  

Our own community faces the same challenges in our neighbouring village, Kleinmond, where a growing informal settlement, a historical fishing village and a picturesque seaside holiday town all share the same prime location and beautiful views. The village is visited by an influx of local holidaymakers during the summer months which provides temporary employment but during the quieter months the unemployment rates are high with many youngsters dropping out of high school looking for work.  

We belong to our community and believe in upliftment for all – we can only thrive and grow if the community we belong to can do the same.  We love the feeling of giving back and focus our efforts in three main areas and charities – supporting the Proteadorp Indigenous Committee in beautifying Protea Dorp in Kleinmond, supporting the Overstrand Child and Youth Care Centre and hosting regular beach cleanup sessions.